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HI I'm JAM from Jam Receivers.I'm extremely interested in satellites technology.Now its become my hobby & i want to help all the peoples in world related to this technology. i have a mission to make you expert in all satellites technology.
I have created this website to help all peoples all over the world.If you are interested in Satellites Technology then this website is wonderful place for you.

Website Goal

  • To share info about Receivers,Satellites,NLB,Power vu Software,Satellites Channels updates.
  • Help all peoples related to Satellites Technology.
  • To make you expert in Satellites Technology.

About Jam Receivers

Firms presenting cutting part gadgets want to maintain it simple. With the goal that you, pricey peruser, can settle on the perfect choices to get complete an incentive to your cash and your desires from each one of the gadgets and gadgets which are such a fundamental piece of our lives these days.
Simply, this is the aspect that we've embarked to do, and we assure you that for the organization at The versatile and contraption Indian, this may be the principle issue as a way to remember, as we got down to evacuate the inessential, the language, and instances that are useless, to present to you the genuine motivation at the back of why you should reflect onconsideration on a specific object for your self.
To do that properly, we've got a group of experienced columnists, content authors and tremendous innovation accomplices to assure that the consumer involvement with The portable and device Indian keeps showing symptoms of improvement.
Driving the organization is Jam Receivers, who in a vocation spreading over more than five years has worked intimately with innovation pronouncing for probable the most seemed marks inside the media area. Jam Receivers has been blanketed with the site seeing that its beginning, and in october 2018, did the incredible, with the aid of buying out the website online from its past promoters.
With that boldness of conviction, The versatile and contraption Indian will presently try and come to be the entire hotspot for customers crosswise over India and beyond, over each gadget and system category that troubles.

Editorial Team
Jam Receivers


I had been overlaying telecom components all through the preceding 5 years. In my momentum position my responsibility carries normally talking coordination and institution management, composing area unique studies based stories, enterprise research, following the development in telecom field and overseeing article associations.

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