ALI3510C HW 102.02.036 NEW POWERVU SOFTWARE 2019

Hello Friends Today Im Sharing Ali3510C HW 102.02.036 new powervu software by jamreceivers.

Information About Software:

There is same content like all other posts about powervu software that Sony Network is ok working on this software at Asiasat 7.
Due to strong algorithm of this satellite C-Band LNB will be used.
First of all set Asiasat 5 then turn upto 5° with respect to your location.
After receiving signal for Asiasat 7 then copy this software file in USB Flash Drive & install it on your Ali3510C HW 102.02.036 Receiver to enjoy Sony Package or Ten Sports free.

Basically Manufacturing Companies of these receiver also release software of that receiver as well to solve issues in their receivers.

Ten Sports is very popular all over the world due to recasting Sports like Cricket leagues,Wrestling etc.
So this is main information about this software.Hope it will increase your knowledge in Communication Satellite's like Tv Telecasting industries.

Note: The Date might be differ shown in the STB information pic.

Ali3510C HW 102.02.036 Receiver STB Information Picture Proof

Ali3510C HW 102.02.036 Receiver Ten Sports Working

File or Software Name: Ali3510C HW 102.02.036 new powervu by jamreceivers.bin

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ALI3510C HW 102.02.036 NEW POWERVU SOFTWARE 2019
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