Gx6605c Board Type 4MB Receivers New Power Vu Software 2019 By Jam Receivers

Hello Friends Today im sharing Gx6605c Board Type 4MB Receivers New Power Vu Software 2019.

information about this software:

This software is only for Gx6605s Board Type 4mb receivers.
To see the board of your receiver,simply open body cover of your receivers & then you can saw the board version printed on your receivers motherboard.
Sony Network is working fine on this software at Asiasat 7.

Please dont try to install it on another receiver with deferent models.
If you install it on another model then your receiver will be dead as there is no life insurance for the receiver that why i cannot give you the guarenty of life insurance policy for your receiver.

Company release the latest updates for receiver to recover difficulties in your receiver as they have no life insurance claim for your receiver.
Please click on download button to download software for your receiver.

File Name:Gx6605c Type 4MB Receivers New Power vu Software 2019 by Jamreceivers

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