All New Power Vu Softwares For Gx6605s Receivers 2019 By Jamreceivers

Hello Friends Today im sharing with You All New Power Vu Softwares For Gx6605s Receivers 2019.

Information About These Softwares:

Today im sharing all new power vu softwares for Gx6605s receivers with respect to their Hardware Versions.
Sony Network on Asiasat 7,Intelsat 66 & 68 is working fine on these All New Power Vu Softwares for Gx6605s Receivers.
All the updates regarding to your receivers can be installed easily by USB.

There is simple way to install these software by usb,simply copy software for your desired receivers model in usb drive & insert it to receivers usb port then goto upgrade menu & install software from usb to enjoy Sony Network free on Asiasat 7,Intelsat 66 & 68.

Cloud is the best way to save your important files on online world via internet but security of these important files is very necessary.

For Security & Insurance guarenty of these files choose reliable server then upload your software or files via internet on any cloud server.

Powervu softwares are made by company to entertainment his customers.
Basically these softwares upgrade’s versions of your receiver to make software strong & reliable,also to watch powervu channels.
Downloading links for these powervu softwares are given below,simply click on Name of that receiver to download software.

  1. Gx6605s HW 203.00.201 Power Vu 2019
  2. GX6605s HW 203.00.001 Power Vu 2019
  3. Gx6605s HW 203.00.010 Power Vu 2019
  4. Gx6605s HW 203.00.015 Power Vu 2019
  5. Gx6605s HW 203.00.016 Power Vu 2019
  6. Gx6605s HW 203.00.017 Power Vu 2019
  7. Gx6605s HW 203.00.018 Power vu 2019
  8. Gx6605s HW 203.00.020 Power Vu 2019
  9. Gx6605s HW 203.00.024 Power Vu 2019
  10. Gx6605s HW 203.00.029 Power Vu 2019

Some important Points
Common in All Receivers

 Processors:  Gx6605s

          Flash Memory: 4mb   
Power vu Details: 

Sony Network Ok 
Asiasat 7,Intelsat 66 & Intelsat 68.

    Installation by Using USB Pen Drive

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