Starsat Models All New Power Vu Software’s 2019 By Jam Receivers

Hello Friends Today im Sharing Starsat Models All New Power Vu Software’s 2019.

Information About These Software’s:

The updates that’s im sharing is 100% Latest but these software’s are not confirmed by me as that i have no receivers to check these softwares for Ten Sports.
You can install software by USB according to your receivers model.

In previous update of Starsat 2000 Hyper Receiver Ten Sports worked for some time only on some receivers serial like 13,14 & 15.
Previous update was V2.46 but the latest update that’s im sharing is V2.47.
All the software’s are given below.You can download software about your desired receiver model by click on Download Button.

List Of All New Software’s 30-01-2019:

  1. SRT400HD_Exterme_1507G_20190130
  2. SR-1600HD_1507G_1G8M_20190130
  3. SR-1400HD_1507G_1G8M_20190130
  4. SR-1200HD_1507G_1G8M_20190130
  5. SR-2000HDHYPER_V2.47(20291)_30012019
  6. SR-70000HD_V2.47(20289)_30012019
  7. SS-900HDNEW_V2.47(20289)_30012019
  8. SR-90000HD_V2.47(20289)_30012019
  9. SR-65000HD_V2.47(20289)_30012019
  10. SR-60000HD_V2.47(20289)_30012019
  11. SR-50000HD_V2.47(20289)_30012019
  12. SR-19000HD_V2.47(20289)_30012019

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