All Receivers New Power Vu Software’s by Jam Receivers

Assalam o Alaikum Friends Today im sharing All Receivers New Power Vu Software’s.

Info about Software’s:

All the software’s are new & you can enjoy sony network free by installing software on your desired model.
Some of them Software’s are only for Intelsat 66 & 68 but most of them for Asiasat 7.
Downloading link of Software’s is given below……..

List Of Software’s:

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 SR-2070HD_PRO_V3216_ME181220_U25_Errai_GX6605S_S2_HW203.00.001_ReleaseDD-22 SR-X1_PRO_V3.1.9_18122018 SR-8800HD_HYPER_V2.45(20144) SR-13000HD_V2.45(20144) SR-19000HD_V2.45(20144) SR-50000HD_V2.45(20144) SR-60000HD_V2.45(20144)

China Receivers:

Ali3510C HW 102.02.999 (Sony Not Confirm)
Ali3510 HW 104.02.999
Gx6605s HW 203.00.01
Gx6605s HW 203.00.02
Gx6605s HW 203.00.016
Gx6605s HW 203.00.017 

Gx6605s HW 203.00.012
Protocol 4mb New Software
OST S1506C Board Type New Software
Neosat 550D HD Receiver
Access Control 2778 New Software8mb

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