New Power Vu Software For Neosat i5000 by Jam Receivers

Hello Friends today im gonna share new power vu software for Neosat i5000.

Neosat is a company which provides whole products with respect to receivers,Nlb & dish accessories.
Now a days Neosat digital receivers are very popular in the whole world due to its awesome qualities.

All the satellites receivers of Neosat are good in quality due to company inspection.
Neosat is becoming No 1 in the world due to its popularity in satellites world.
The company has many digital receivers models.
You can buy a satellite receiver of Neosat at reasonable prices.
These receivers will get you out of the local market.One of the most important features of these receivers is that the features of their video are quite good and their value also reduces due to which people buy these receivers.
If any problem accured
the company provides software for these issues.
Neosat i5000

Neosat i5000 is very popular due to its powerful features.It’s design is very pretty & looks good to his users.

  1. CCcam or Cline Ok
  2. 1 year free company server for watching paid channels free
  3. Powerful searching system
  4. Awesome Menu
  5. Signal catching strength is very strong
  6. 3G & 4G supported
  7. You can watch youtube by using sim data connection or wifi
  8. Wifi availability
  9. Reasonable price
  10. High Video Quality
Board Version
Board version for Chinese receivers is same as like gx6605s.These names are given by their companies.
Basically gx6605s is board name of the receivers.It’s also called Hardware version of that receiver.
Today various models of receivers in the market & gx6605s board version is one of popular receiver.
About Software 
You can watch sony network free by instaling this software.This software only works on asiasat 7.
You can install it simply by using usb flash drive.
Sony Network
Sony network is an entertainment network.
Sisrers channels like ten1,ten2,ten3& sony six are very popular due to sports entertainment in young generation.
How to install

  1. Download software from downloading link
  2. Copy software into usb flash drive 
  3. Turn on you receiver
  4. Put usb flash drive in receivers usb port
  5. Now goto upgrade menu of your receiver
  6. Select software from usb 
  7. Click ok to install
  8. Wait 5 to 10 seconds

Congratulations you have installed it successfully.

Please don’t install this software on another receiver.This software is only for Neosat i5000.Installing software on another receiver can damage your receiver.
Install it at your own risk.


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