Tiger Receivers Sony ok Software 24-10-2018 by Jam Receivers

Today im sharing Tiger boxes New Power Vu Software’s.

About Tiger Receiver Company
This is also a company of Saudi Arabia.
This company makes the service set-light receiver.Receiver of this company in Pakistan arrives at least.Therefore some people use this company’s products.
What is Easy Cap?

Easy Cap is an instrument that you can connect your receiver with mobile.You can buy easycap easily from market,Gets from two hundred and to two thousand.
It mainly has two port, there is a place to apply a USB in a post while the two port is two leads.
From the USB port you have to connect your mobile while other leads are installed in the port of receiver, then after taking all these connections you now have to turn on the receiver to turn on the receiver. After you install an easycam app in your mobile phone.
After installing the easycam app, you have to put all these connections well now, after putting the connections well, now you have to wipe the app, there will be some setting on which you have a setting. I’m going to tell you down.
After all this setting is done, as soon as you turn on the receiver, the easycam you will connect will be connected and you will easily be able to see these channels on your mobile phone instead of TV.
You have to first take two leads in the receiver’s port, now you have to wipe on your mobile phone after making this connection.
Going into the app, you have to choose the easycam option from there. After you’ve been selected, you have to do it right now.
All this chatting hope I’ve told you might have understood well if you still do not understand, you can ask for a comment in the section below.
Sony is full ok

SOny network full OK

TIGER T3000 EXTRA 3.5.1
http://www.tigerbox.co/Soft-Applicaitons/T3000% … 102018.rar

TIGER* T3000 V3.3.4
http://www.tigerbox.co/Soft-Applicaitons/Tiger% … _10_23.rar

http://www.tigerbox.co/Soft-Applicaitons/T1-Min … 102018.rar

Tiger T1+ MINI PRO V3.11
http://www.tigerbox.co/Soft-Applicaitons/Tiger% … 3.11(19711)_19072018.rar

TIGER* T245+ Ultra V2.62
http://www.tigerbox.co/Soft-Applicaitons/T245+U … 102018.rar

TIGER T245+ Lazer V2.62
http://www.tigerbox.co/Soft-Applicaitons/T245+- … 102018.rar

TIGER T1+ Lazer V2.62
http://www.tigerbox.co/Soft-Applicaitons/T1+-La … 102018.rar

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