New Power Vu Software's for China Receivers by Jam Receivers

Today im going to share New Power Vu Softwares for china receivers.
There are several models in the market like 
Neosat,Neosut,Euromax,star max,star track,Laser golden,picasa,solid 6363,Gx6605s,star set,star sat,T8 & many more.

China Receiver

So friends have talked now that they are not so durable for the Chinese receiver.China company's receivers are cheap because the parts used in these are very cheap and are diminished therefore, their built-in receivers are not more durable.
Their price is very low, so people buy them.

Satellite Details

So first of all I'll tell you which satellite channels run on this receiver.
So I'm writing these listings in the list below.

Asiasat 3s
Asiasat 7
Yahsat 52.2
Yamal sat
Intelsat 66
Intelsar 68
Paksat 38 C Band
Pakistan 38 Ku Band
Turksat 42
Ses 12
Abs 2

So much of the satellite is just the same satellite that people mostly use.

Software Details

So, I'm going to give you the receiver's software in the first place.

Star track 
Solid Hd Box
Cline sim receiver

The AsiaSet 7 server network is running well on all the receiver z software software mentioned above.

How to Install Software

Here is Downloading Link for Software

You have to run the receiver before.
You have to go to the upgrade menu.
From there you have to select a USB drive.
Socket your software by pressing the Ok button as soon as you press the OK button, the software that has the receiver installed will be installed.

Now you will start running all channels.
In today's article we just find that in the new article.

New Power Vu Software's for China Receivers by Jam Receivers
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