New Power Vu Software For 1506T&F Receivers by Jam Receivers

Hello Friends Today im sharing New Power Vu Software For 1506T&F Receivers.

Asiasat 7

Asia sat a very good  satellite.You can set it by using C-band NLB & dish size is  4,6,8 ft.
You look at a lot of good programs about Sports.You can easily run these sports channels by using biss keys.Peoples only set it for watching sports channels.sports channels runs on any particular matter.The Sony network in the satellite as Sony ten1,ten2 so you are prepared to run the software from the company could benefit from these programs.


Intel Set is also a good satellite like Asia Set.Sony Network is present on this Satellite.In addition to this, the National Geographic network also has its own.In the first step, Sony’s network will be on biss keys. Its software starts coming but this network is now closed for some reason on intelsat 66.

You can set this satellite by using C-Band NLB & 6 ft dish.The satellite signals do not come easily, so a large size dish is to be used.Additionally, if you want to enjoy more good channels, then use this satellite.

Power Vu Software

Basically power vu software is used to decrypt paid channels like Sony network on Asiasat 7,Intelsat 66 & 68.
These software are provided by companies to entertain his buyers.
They offer these software to increase Sale of their receivers.With these software you can see good channels freely.

1506 T & F Receivers

These receivers are very popular in the world.Basically these are made by china.
In other meaning we can say that 1506T&F are copies of original receivers like 1506g receivers.
Menu of these receivers is same like original receivers.This receiver model has very powerful scanning features,Stylish design,stylish menu & full HD video quality.

Information about software

Ten sports on Asiasat 7 is ok on this software.This software is 100% updated & working on 1506t&f receivers.By installing these software on your 1506t&f receivers you can watch ten sports free on asiasat 7.
You can install this software easily by usb flash drive.Method for installing this software is given below.Please follow these instructions to install this software on your receiver.

How To Install

  1. Download software from downloading link
  2. Copy software into your flash drive(USB)
  3. Turn on your receiver & insert flash drive in your receiver’s usb port
  4. Now goto Upgrade menu of your receiver
  5. Select file from usb & click ok to install it

Now You can enjoy Ten sports free on Asiasat 7…….


This software is only for 1506T&F china receivers.Please don’t try to install this software on another receiver models because your receiver might be dead.
Im not responsible for any damage of
your receiver.


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