New Latest Power Vu software's Updates for Sony Network by Jam Receivers

Assalam o Alaikum Today im sharing Latest Power Vu Software' updates for Sony Network.

Information about these Software's:

These software updates are only for Starsat receivers.Sony network is ok on these software at asiasat 7.


Startset is a Saudi Arabia company
The receiver made by this company is quite expensive but the public likes them very much due to their features.
Every product made by this company is very durable, so the products they produce for years last year.

This company does not produce most of the satellite products, but its built-in receivers are durable, that is why their demand is high.

The Power Vu Key is not inserted in their software, but the version of the software is updated, which is why the Tv channels on a lot of satellite work freely.

If any error occurs in the receiver, the company provides its software to remove these troubles.
Although installing the software, plenty of channels that do not freelance are also running freely.

So now talk about the website on which the software they upload is the first website
This is a famous website whose traffic is too high.New software is uploaded after a month on this website.
You can easily install all the uploading applications on this Web site with a USB drive.
So if I'm talking about it, it's a great website.

This website is operated from Saudi Arabia.
Below are some of the links to the software you can download and download all the software.

Now let's talk about what you have to do with the receiver after you install these software.

First take the c band's NLB.
After that you have a six-foot dish.
Now you have to call the receiver after fixing all the connections well after that wire is required.
Turn your dish to the east.
Now set the AsiaSat 7 TP and try searching the signal.
When you have a signature, you have to tone the receiver on the source mode and then you will get the channel, then you have to install the software in the receiver when you install this software So Sony's network will start running on your receiver.

So hopefully you have to understand the setting well if the settings still do not understand, you can make a comment in the box below, you will soon be given a reply.

Below you will get a link to a website by following this link, by downloading the software according to your receiver model you can install software in the receiver via USB.

                            Web Site Link


New Latest Power Vu software's Updates for Sony Network by Jam Receivers
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