New Latest Power VU Software's 24-10-2018 by Jam Receivers

Assalam o Alaikum Friends
Today im sharing Latest Power Vu Software
For Sony Network.
So friends are currently temporarily locked on the Sony Network all settings.However, the new software I have come to share with you.
All these software will be installed with USB if you have any problem with the USB, then you will need to use the loader again.

information about Software's:

These software's are only for Starsat Receivers.Download software for your receiver model & enjoy Sony Network on asiasat 7.

Below are some of the software listed to you as a provider of software that you download software by installing it via usb.

List of Receivers Model:

  1. SR 1515 HD
  2. SR 2090 HD SUPER
  3. SR 2090 HD vEGA
  4. SR 4040 HD VEGA
  5. SR 4070 HD
  6. SR 4090 HD
  7. SR 5959 HD
  8. 99HD PRO
  9. SR 2090 HD NEW
  10. NANO
 Satellite Finder

After installing all of these receiver's software, you will get the option of the Satellite Finder in your receiver.

After this option is available, any of the satellite receivers you want to install or search for the mean signal, this option will help you enough.

To use this option, you have to apply with a DVB Finder server.By putting a DVB Finder, when you lower your dish antenna at the top left then the DVB will detect the needle of the Finder and also tell you the angle of that satellite.With which you will be able to properly put your satellite on its correct angle.
Now you can easily set any satellite you want to set up.

If you want to set Intelsat 66 then You can watch channels list below.

National Geographic
Discovery Science
Discovery Kids
Discovery Jeet
Sony Six 
Sony Ten2
Sony Ten 3
Sony Ten 1
Sony Pix 
Sony Max 
Sony Sab
Sony Pal
Sont Entertainment.

Below You can Download Software for your receiver by clicking download button


New Latest Power VU Software's 24-10-2018 by Jam Receivers
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  1. Sony Network powerve biss key plz send

    1. ok Sir soon i will upload power vu keys for sony network.please keep patience

  2. Sir please share sw.104.02.999 echolink recever software

    1. ok soon i will check power vu software & provide you

  3. 1506c black go to wifi protocol software plz

    1. G bhai mn subuh Insha Allah software check kro ga mill gya ti share kr do ga