Ali3510C New PowerVu Keys Software’s for all HW Version by Jam Receivers

In today’s article, I am sharing with you some Ali 3510c new power vu software,based on the receiver models.
As you all know that the Sony Network is now closed on Asiasat 3,Because their license has been cancelled.

Now the Sony Network is just running only on Intelsat 66,Intelsat 68 & Asiasat 7.Basically power vu is used to open paid channels like sony network on some satellites.

These software keeps shutting down.
Sharing these software means sharing if you do not have much expenses to watch paid channels then you can enjoy some free tv channels by using power vu keys or power vu software’s.

These software does not have much protection. These software can always be closed because it’s on behalf of the company of tv channel network So that you can see all channels free.

As we are talking about power vu software’s then links for some software’s are given down.Some of our brothers are talking about software of Ali3510c that’s why im sharing latest power vu software for these receivers

List of Software’s:

  1. Ali3510c HW 102.02.001
  2. Ali3510c HW 102.02.998
  3. Ali3510C HW 102.02.999
  4. Ali3501C HW 102.02.028
  5. Ali3510C Star Track Receiver HW 102.02.003
Information about these Models

There are Ali 3510 software for all such models. All these receivers are made by China Company as they are cheap to buy, so these receivers are sold more.

The hardware version is 102.02.99 for the best receiver. In general, this receiver creates a star track and a newset company.

Info about these Software’s:

Sony Network on Asiasat 7 is ok on these software’s.You can download these software’s simply by clicking on your desired receivers Hw version of Ali3510c

How To Install these Software’s:

This software can take you through the loader, but do not be careful when using a loader, which can cause your receiver to deteriorate.

All the ways to install the software are explained in each article in detail, so that you can install the software so that you can easily access the software.

You have to first install these software from the USB drive.If this method failed then use loader for installing these software.

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  1. Muje star track srt 2000 diamond hd reciver ka software chahiya jis per sony net work chalta ho. Mara sony net work chala raha hai per video show nahi ho rahi

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