Ali3510C New Power Vu Software Hw 102.02.999 by Jam Receivers

Assalam o Alaikum Friends in this article im sharing Ali3510C New Power Vu Software of HW 102.02.999.

Information about Software:

By using this software you can watch Ten Sports free on Asiasat 7.You dont have to use loader for installing this software.
You can install this software easily by USB.

How to install Software:

  1. Download software 
  2. Save in USB flash drive
  3. Turn on Receiver 
  4. Insert USB drive in Receivers usb port
  5. Now go to upgrade menu
  6. Select software & Click ok to Install

So how to run these channels now after installing this software?

First of all, you have to set up your Asiasat 5, which is on the east side, so that your dish size should be four to six feet and should be a C band NLB.After that you have to set the Asiasat 5 After that you have to put the TP according to your location.
You now have to search signal for it.
So now you have to set up your Asia Set Seon, first of all, where your Asia Set Five is set to be where it has to make your dish a bit in the elevator side and make a little bit upwards If you do all these things then you will now have to set a Sony Network tp.
If you have to search for the signal again, then as soon as friends get to learn, then the Sun Network you will now fit perfectly, for this I can give you the support of Ten sports 
Because cable operators pay money so that they mean that we will not allow the entire network of Sony Network to be released, then only Ten sports Pakistan runs for it.
So, whatever new matches of cricket come on Ten Support Pakistan, the other Sony channels like Sony Ten1 live,Sony ten 2 & Sony Ten 3, but most of Pakistan’s cricket matches are on Ten Sports pakistan.
Apart from this, there are plenty of channels that show cricket matches live, so that the public is most likely to see cricket matches, so the TRP’s of these channels are significantly higher.
There are also plenty of mobile applications that you can watch while watching the channel of the live sports,but you should have unlimited WiFi to stand up for the applications, if you have internet connections to be powerful. If you talk about the battery, mobile battery too should be good enough, because its empare is good enough.

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